HKTV ─ 導火新聞線片尾歌原創音樂《Can’t let Go》


作曲: 江暉
填詞: Jamie Dunlap、Scott Nickoley、Stephen Lang
主唱: 佚名

Can you see it in my eyes
Even as I’m sleeping
There’s a part of me that’s part of you
Fear is where the problem lies
Confusion’s what we’re reaping
Understanding shows us what is true

I can’t let go
It’s more than a memory
I just don’t give up what I own
I can’t let go
Still I must let it be
It hurts if the truth must be known

Is it all inside my head
Could it be I’m dreaming
Maybe I can’t face it after all
From this day, my daily bread
I’ll hold to what’s worth keeping
I’ve seen the curtain rise, I’ve seen it fall

HKTV ─ 導火新聞線片尾歌《Can’t let Go》(官方正式版)


source: YouTube